Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ode to a Bubble Bath

Ode to a Bubble BathIsn't it amazing how therapeutic a bubble bath can be? Of course, I'm mainly talking to my sisters in stress-relieving here, but I just had the worst week this week, and I wanted a little comfort last night. So I took a long, hot soak, and next thing I knew, I was inspired to write this poem. Here it is in it's first draft. I'll probably follow up later and revise it.

a quilt of velvety bubbles,
skin turns pink from the heat.
Beads of sweat form
from rising steam
and silent candles flickering
on the vanity.
Fingertips wrinkle
from the long soak.
Bubbles burst
as milky white water
gurgles down the drain,
washing away a bad day
with the remnants of lavender
and diluted shaving cream.


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