Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some Things About Me (Some You May Not Wanna Know)

1) I wrote my first poem in fifth grade about the city of Simpsonville. In sixth grade, I started keeping a five-subject, spiral notebook for my poems. Let me tell ya, a lot of them are NOT pretty. You'd need some strong wine to go with all that cheese.

2) I have my father's temper and my mother's tendency to cry when she's mad, which basically means that I'll never be intimidating. Ever.

3) I have two black hairs that grow out of the same follicle on my right boob. I know; it's disconcerting. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what I ingested that caused them to grow there.

4) A cosmopolitan is my drink of choice, although if I'm at a Mexican restaurant I always get a Margarita, and no, I don't drink cosmos because of "Sex in the City," even though it's one of my favorite shows. I drink them because they're quite tasty. Anything with amaretto is quite nice as well. I also like Long Island Iced tea, and if I'm lucky enough to be somewhere that has Woodchuck Amber cider on tap, you'd better believe I'm having a pint. Hmm, perhaps I should stop listing drinks now...

5) Along those lines, I'm a silly drunk. I just sit back and stay relatively quiet and giggle. People seem quite amused by it.

6) I don't drink any hot beverages when the temperature is above 55 degrees. Similarly, I can't stand eating chili during the summer, and I don't really care for salads in the winter. Is that weird?

7) My top five male celebrities: 5 - Christian Bale (Thank you, Batman Begins) 4 - Hugh Jackman 3 - John Cusak 2 - Michael Vartan 1 - (but only by the skin of that awesome southern accent) Matthew McConaughey

8) I love throwing parties. I almost always have one at Christmas, and I'll start planning two months in advance - who to invite, what to fix, how to decorate. Yes, I'm that anal, so shut up.

9) I sleep with three pillows (not including my husband :-) ) a standard one for my head, a king-size one to curl up with and another standard between my knees. No perverted comments, please.

10) I have my hair colored every three months because I'm about one-quarter gray, and at 33, I just don't wanna go there yet.

11) I'm a grad-school dropout.

12) The summer between my 5th and 6th grade year in school, my family got a VCR. (If you think that was late, I was in college before we got cable.) Every day that summer, my brother and I watched a tape that had one of the Herbie movies and an edited-for-TV version of Animal House.

13) I met my husband at work, and we still work together. Yeah, I'm crazy.

14) I had two bad experiences with college roommates - the one from freshman year stole from me and the one from the first half of my sophmore year read my journal. Kind of ironic that I have this blog now, huh?

More to come as I think of them...


Blogger jane said...

Hi Carla,
Before I met Tarzan, I slept with about 6 pillows, just all around me. I loved it!
Do you like to make things for Christmas? I like to make giftbags with homemade marshmallows, soap, hot chocolate mix & not sure what I'll add this year. Thats probably my favorite part of Christmas.
Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

7/03/2005 11:57 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your comments. The party thing is usually the only thing I do at Christmas. All gifts are storebought, seeing as how I have no craft skills whatsoever. But I love getting together with friends and family - the more the merrier!

7/04/2005 10:34 AM  

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