Saturday, August 13, 2005

Biological Clock Buzzing at Baby Shower

You know what's not good for my biological clock? Going to a baby shower. I attended one today for my younger cousin, who's having her third child. She has two girls who are 6 and 4, and the baby on the way is a boy. The girls are a trip and a half, which they get from their mother. Example: My cousin is looking forward to the C-section scheduled for the 24th because she'll be able to wear makeup and she'll look decent for all the pictures after the birth. "Why do you think I got my hair highlighted?" Too funny.

We were also discussing the whole pain killer thing during labor. I know myself well enough to know that when I do birth those babies, I will have some sort of sweet concoction to kill the pain. I don't even try to kid myself by saying that I want to try it naturally. One of my friends from college waited to find out the sex of both of her babies until the birth, citing that she heard and agreed with a theory that the mystery would give more incentive during labor. Here's my incentive: Get this freakin' thing out of me! What kind of new age bullshit is that? Was that thought out by a man? That just screams of male chauvinist mentality.

My brother's girlfriend, my mom and I were also talking about the whole breast feeding thing. My brother's girlfriend was unclear on the benefits of breast feeding compared to formula. "For one thing," I said, "it's cheaper." It's something that I also want to when I have babies, provided that it works out okay - because sometimes the boobs or the baby just don't cooperate. Of course, while breast feeding does keep you from buying formula, I never realized that breast pumps were so expensive until a friend of mine had her baby in December of 2003. I was telling my mom today that pumps could run as high as $200. She had no idea either. I lamented about having to eventually shell out that money. What's wrong with just giving a good squeeze? It works for cows, right?

But at the shower, we all oooohed and awwwwwed over the cutest little outfits and blankets, and it just makes me that much more anxious to get pregnant. So, my hand is now hurting from hitting that snooze alarm on the baby ticker.


Anonymous Courtney said...

Do most people make sure they look great before a C-Section? That's interesting. Are you talking about August 24th? If so, the 24th is GREAT. I hear an absolutely fantastic person was born on August 24th, 1982. Oh, and I was, too!

8/15/2005 12:19 AM  
Blogger Marinade Dave said...

A few years ago, my girlfriend at the time, took me to one of those "Babies-R-Us" stores to buy things for her daughter, who was about to give birth. She wanted me to help her pick out the right breast pump. You want to see "does not compute?" Put a man in that section and ask him for help.

I bought her a room monitor. That, I understood.

8/17/2005 10:55 AM  

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