Wednesday, July 20, 2005

5 Songs I'm Loving... This Week

I thought I'd make this a weekly thing - perhaps every Wednesday. After all, I can't listen to the same songs over and over again every week. So here are the songs I'm enjoying this week.

1) "You and Me," by Lifehouse - It's a really sweet song, and the rhythm of the strings and guitar makes me feel like I could waltz around a big ballroom in a pretty, flowery, flowing skirt. Alas, my husband doesn't dance. Perhaps I could just imagine Michael Vartan - mmmmm......

2 "Beverly Hills," by Weezer - It's not a head-banging song like Green Day, but it is a head-nodding song. At least, I can't resist nodding my head.

3) "This Is How a Heart Breaks," Rob Thomas - Just a good groovin' song.

4) "God Put a Smile on Your Face," by Coldplay - It has a piercing guitar strum to it with a driving drumbeat that's almost sexy. No wonder "Alias" used it for the episode where Sydney and Vaughn "consummated" their relationship. :-)

5) "Maybe I'm Amazed," by Jem - Yes, this is a cover of the Paul McCartney version, but it's very well done - minimal instruments, lovely backing vocals and clean piano playing. I also love the ending, where the music fades to just the piano and bass. It's a nicely done cover.

And that's all you'll get from me today, because my brother dropped by to store some stuff in our garage and hung out for a while. I'll try to post some actual writing stuff tomorrow.


Blogger jane said...

well, i recognize the old paul mc cartney song lol, i liked it back then so i'd probably like it now too.

7/21/2005 3:28 PM  

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