Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just Some Observations...

So I had to work today, which is kind of a bummer. We usually have to work at least one Saturday a month, but we get two days off at the beginning of each month to make up for it. However, I'm on an even shorter schedule where I get five days off. It's a nice break that lets me work on my writing, but what have I been doing? BLOGGING!

Anyway, when we work on a Saturday, the company pays for lunch, so that's cool. Today, lunch came from Jason's Deli, somewhere I've never eaten before. I looked at the menu that was passed around and decided to get a chicken sandwich with provolone cheese, and I wrote down that I wanted sour cream and onion chips, because most delis have flavored chips, right?

Apparently not. When the food came, I got plain chips. No biggie, but then I opened my sandwich and saw this huge white glob on one side of the croissant. I thought, surely that's not mayo, because - DAMN - that's way too much, even if it is Duke's! So I dabbed my finger and tasted it. IT WAS SOUR CREAM! Some idiot thought that the sour cream was meant for the sandwich and not chips. How could someone think that? Who eats sour cream on a sandwich?!

Fortunately, not all was lost. I scraped off as much sour cream as I could, and the chicken on the sandwich was really very tasty. Luckily, I had some plain chips. Oh, and a pickle spear - can't forget that.


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